I, Ryohei Kan, had Mr. Kishin Shinoyama take a photograph with my wife Mika Kan in the serial of “Ningen Kankei (Human Relationships)” which has been one of main works by Mr. Shinoyama. This is first time for us to be reported in the media together as a married couple. Our article appeared in the magazine “BRUTUS No.875” which is released today on 1st. August, so please take a look. Thank you.

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篠山紀信さんの連載「人間関係」シリーズで、妻の菅実花と一緒に撮影していただきました。夫婦で一緒にメディアに紹介されるのは今回が始めてです。本日8月1日発売の『ブルータス No. 875』に掲載されていますので、ご高覧ください。