As you see it



The shop seemed to be full of all manner of curious things – but the oddest part of it all was that, whenever she looked hard at any shelf, to make out exactly what it had on it, that particular shelf was always quite empty, though the others round it were crowded as full as they could hold.

Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass


As you see, in my work expands empty museum or gallery space without any art works exhibited inside. In normal circumstances it is only during the short period of time, after the exhibitions are dismantled and removed, when we can observe such sight. Visitors to art museums or galleries may take it for granted that these spaces are always adorned with works of art and they stay as such for good. As everything comes to an end one day, in reality, and every exhibition will finish at one point without any exception. Importantly, the time after the end of one exhibition, is the time before the beginning of another. In between the exhibitions in the art museums or galleries where innumerable shows take place, one feels the air, mixture of remaining ambiance of the works previously exhibited, and that of the works to be brought in in coming days, mingled in the empty space, or the void. The void eloquently speaks of the loss and absence precisely because of its nature of silent space devoid of objects. It stirs the imagination for the unknown, and is filled with the energy presaging what is to come. In the contemporary society brimmed with information and works of art, I propose to explore potentials to establish meaningful relations with the world through dialogue with the void, a symbol of the unknown. This exhibition will too one day come to an end, and the empty gallery rooms will once again appear. As you will see it, it will be the same landscape as the one the audience finds depicted in my very works that would have been exhibited at the exact space.
(March in 2019)




As you see it (見てのとおり)


(その店は)ありとあらゆる種類のへんてこりんな物でいっぱいのようでした – でも、なによりおかしいのは、棚の上にいったいなにがあるのか確かめようとしてよくよく見ると、どの棚も、見たその棚だけがいつでもまるでからっぽなのでした、その周りの棚にははいりきらないほどいっぱいに物がつまっているというのに