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Digital Simulation for In the Walls at Shiseido Gallery

Computer Graphics




 In the Walls is a conceived installation work as the five photograph works which are designed the space that the empty room surrounded by the white wall and the floor in the exact same composition with the design of its space to exhibit the work.
The production of this work begins by taking a picture of the wall of the exhibition room of various museums and galleries. I can take those photos to the computer and, by photo collage technique, stitching a huge amount of detail pictures of the walls and overlay them to create an image of the imaginary wall of an enormous actual size. Then, being set the 3d model of the White Cube exhibition room in the 3DCG software, pasted the information of the made texture (normal map, etc.) which is an image of the wall prepared beforehand, it would be generated (rendering) the image as a photograph work.
The subtle, bumpy look on the walls of the exhibition room is a sign of the evidence for some exhibition and the existence of the works that were exhibited there in the past. By collecting them using photographic recording and mapping them again on the wall of the exhibition room on the simulation, it is the process of rebuilding the space history of the exhibition room, the time axis where the exhibition is repeated over and over again. In other words, it can be said that it is a set of fixed-point photography every certain exhibition room, on the other hand these five photograph works look like the exact same thing. However, it is our usual consideration to the room where there is nothing, and it can be said that this work is a reproduction of the experience.
This five-set-photograph work is focused on the wall, which has left some traces of exhibition works, in the actual exhibition, it is exhibited in the situation where the viewer is surrounded by the five photographs exhibited on three walls. This work, the work and the exhibition space were planned at the same time, was titled “In the Walls” which is the title of the exhibition which presented this work for the first.
(August, 2017)



《In the Walls》は、白い壁と床に囲まれた空っぽの室内が全く同じ構図で映し出された写真作品五点を、その作品を展示する空間の設計とともに構想したインスタレーション作品である。
展示室の壁に残された不在の作品の痕跡に注目したこの五点の組作品は、実際の展覧会に際して、部屋の角に斜めに仮設壁を建てることで、三つの壁面に展示された五点の写真に鑑賞者が囲まれるような状況で展示される。作品と展示空間を同時に計画したこの作品に、始めてこの作品を発表した展覧会のタイトルでもある「In the Walls」という題名を与えた。





Making of In the Walls





Normal mapping for one the of walls, In the Walls