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Room A.EG_05

《Room A.EG_05》では、ミュンヘン国立造形美術アカデミーの建物の一室(「A.EG_05」という名称の部屋) を作品の題材としている。まず部屋の構造を細部に至るまで計測した上で詳細な図面を作製し、精確に室内の状況を1:12サイズのミニチュアの模型で再現した。実際の展覧会では、その模型と模型の内部を撮影した写真作品、映像作品を、題材となった部屋の中で展示した。つまりリプレゼントされた模型や写真、映像と、オリジナルのその部屋自体を鑑賞者が見比べられる状況を設定することによって、あらかじめ既にそこに存在していた部屋自体(展示室)がインスタレーションの一部へと展開されるのである。この作品においては、現実を再構築する過程で生じるイメージの虚構性(現実との差異)と、そのイメージが展示される空間自体(建築)への関心が作品化されている。


In Room A.EG_05, it is the subject of the work, which is the one of the room called “Room A.EG_05” in the building of the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. The structure of the room was first measured up to the detail, and the detailed drawing was made, then based on that, the situation of the interior was reproduced more accurately in the model of the size of 1:12. In the actual exhibition, the model itself, photograph works and film works of the model and the inside of the model were taken, were exhibited in the room which became the subject. In other words, by setting the situation where the viewer can compare the model, the photograph, the image, and the original room itself, it is developed to the part of the installation that the room (exhibition room) which had already existed in advance. In this work, it is made into a work that shows the interest in the fiction of the image when it is raised in the process of rebuilding reality (the difference with reality) and the space itself (architecture) on which the image is exhibited.
(July, 2014)